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The 12 Top Destinations Of 2019

It’s not too late to plan your next vacation, and we’re here to help you make this decision with our guide to the 12 Top Travel Destinations of 2019. But before you go on a vacation, it is important to have a clear understanding about the top 12 destinations to visit such as. It would be rewarding to select a destination out of these and then travel.

Location 01 – Berlin

This up and coming location of the Capital of Germany have our hearts set on its three-decade-long history that has seen many hotel brands set their flags, new restaurants have taken over the dining experience and the cultural celebrations have brought this city color and vibrancy. It has slowly become a growing favorite amongst the populace of global travelers for these reasons and its accessibility to the rest of Europe. To get the most out of your stay in Berlin, you can take a look at Germany hotels and accommodation before you visit.

Location 02 – Oahu

There is a lot happening in this compact Island spanning a little less than 610 square miles in Hawaii. Last December, Oahu commemorated the seventy-fifth-anniversary celebrations of the Pearl Harbor attack. There’s much more to the lush Island than sipping Pina-Coladas on a sunny haven; now art enthusiasts were able to enjoy a slice of contemporary art culture at the recently concluded Honolulu Biennial. Travelers can enjoy the underrated beaches, bustling cities, or stay in the comfort of the world’s biggest hotel brands like the Four Seasons or The Royal Hawaiian.

Location 03 – Montreal

Although Canada marks its 150th-anniversary celebrations this year, Montreal goes all the way to its 375th celebrations this year. Its scenic charm and main attractions are based on its cold-weather activities that launch in March at the Les Hivernales. Travelers get a scoop of curling, winter biking, and snowshoeing at this time. There’s also the degustation and culinary delights for food aficionados. Montréal En Lumière is one such winter festival that attracts many travelers because of its food component. The Christophe Muller and Jerome Bocuse Co-President’s Dinners are perfectly curated meals that must not be missed.

Location 04 – Raleigh

North Carolina has its charm that it’s known for and Raleigh is making headlines as a travelers’ gold mine with the launching of eight new dining destinations. As if that’s not enough there also the 22,000 square foot hall of food and market that was launched earlier in spring. Just like you looked for Germany hotels and accommodation, you should also find your accommodation before you travel.

Location 05 – Bogota

People are now beginning to value Colombia as a travel destination with the decrease in bad PR it has had for ages from the 80s to the 90s. Bogota is at the center of its offerings. Big names in Hospitality like the W Hotels are taking advantage of its exotic appeal to introduce tourists to interactive music experiences and offer attractions that are more than skin deep. A must-see stop is its National Museum of Colombia. The destination is has rid itself of the torrid pictures of safety and is now a tourist hot spot.

Location 06 – Washington, D.C.

There’s much to do in this cosmopolitan city in the US – take a stroll down The Wharf that offers tourists a mix of restaurants, piers, promenades, and piers perfect for families and groups. The brands of hotels, too, continue to thrive with the new MGM and the National Harbor, President Donald Trumps’ new hotel, The Ritz is redefining the cityscape.

Location 07 – Phoenix

This city for every basketball fans hosts the biggest annual event. This alone is enough to make Phoenix a must-visit location. Apart from this, the city offers luxurious hotels, upscale dining options and range of activities.

Location 08 – Southern France

What’s not to love of a reputed travel agency, with all its lush offerings for travelers? Its one thing that the French agree on that it’s the best part about France. Paris is all well and good, but to afford a slice of peace and appreciate the rich cultural heritage, one must make a trip to Southern France. Its attractions are plenty. Be treated to the Medieval beauty of Provence with its picturesque cafes and markets, narrow streets to explore and shop and warm Mediterranean beaches. There’s also the culinary journey one sets on when they arrive in this beautiful location. It’s an intimate secret that the French people have kept to themselves for many years.

Location 09 – Lisbon

Lisbon is quite similar to Croatia – another hotspot in Europe; Portugal has a far more interesting heritage with this beautiful beach fronts coated with old world charm. There’s also the artistic side to it with private tours to murals and street art. It’s in the process of reinventing itself with upcoming attractions like the Abril Bridge, similar to San Francisco’s Golden Gate.

Location 10 – Bali

What’s the secret that draws a multitude of travelers to this destination every year? The island of Bali has something for everyone. With resplendent views of Mulia Villas – Nusa Dua overlooking the magnificent Indian Ocean or spend time atop of the Nusa Dua Bay cliff, you will be enchanted. With friendly hospitality, the Balinese have a semi – rural life that allows you to relax and rejuvenate when you are on holiday. There’s also its signature wellness spas and treatments that should not be missed – they have everything from laser hair removal techniques to anti-aging therapeutic regimens for everyone. It’s not just sun and sea, there’s also its rich heritage and rituals like the ceremony of “ogoh-ogoh” where travelers can partake with statues of ghouls and skeletons made of paper-mâché.

Location 11 – Beverly Hills

It’s no wonder Beverly Hills makes it to every travel list without a shadow of a doubt. The luxurious hotels like the Waldorf Astoria are due to make its debut this year. Everyone wants to have their share of Hollywood fame with its many celebrity spotting and tourist attractions.

Location 12 – Riviera Nayarit

To be honest, Mexico is not on everyone’s travel list. In fact, it is not even considered. However, in recent times we are seeing a growing affinity with its Pacific Coasts that has beckoned our interest as well. It’s scattered with high-end names in hospitality that make it ideal for family vacations or an exotic location for honeymooners.


Whether you are a busy person or adventure minded, our guide to the Top Travel Destinations in the world will help you find the best place to focus on and spend great moments.

The world in continually unravelling new and exciting locations for travel plans – our advice is simple; stay away from the tired clichés and make the most of the upcoming locations mentioned in our guide to Top Travel Destinations of 2019. Go online do some search such as Germany Hotels and Accommodation and find best deals.