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12 Tips for Traveling with your Dog

Traveling with your dog can be a very fruitful activity. Dog is one of the human best friends and can be a very good companion.

Just because you’ve got a dog doesn’t mean you have to stay home all the time. If you prepare ahead and take a bit care, it’s simple and fun to travel along with your dog.

That way you will surely have a memorable vacation.

How to be prepared when Traveling with Your Dog?

Here we give you some tips that will make the trip easier for you and your pet:

Road Trip

1. Get your dog used to riding with you in the car by taking him on short journeys. Visit fun places such as dog parks or go to friends. Make him understand that journeys inside the car is a fun outdoors
You don’t want your dog to feel like going to the vet’s office every time you travel in a car.

2. Bring water and a water dish on. You may need to provide your dog with drinks when you stop for a rest. It will be easier to encourage your dog to drink if it’s water from home.
Water in some places usually smells or tastes different, and your dog might not wish to drink it.
Try to stop every few hours to relax. This could benefit you and your dog and allow you to give him some water.

3. If your dog tends to have motion sickness, don’t feed him the morning of the trip. Having your puppy travel with an empty stomach can facilitate to stop any motion sickness.

4. Make sure you pack your dog’s food, treats, favorite bed, toys, and leash. This will make him feel home.

5. Some dogs are used to sit or lay on the seat, therefore bring a blanket to guard the fabric. alternative dogs might have to stay in a crate while travelling. Make sure the crate doesn’t slide around and scare the dog while you are driving. You can additionally buy dog seat belts to keep your dog safe while sitting in the vehicle.

6. Some dogs are afraid by noises of trucks driving by, therefore try and get him a quiet space.

7. Be a gentleman and respectful of environment. Therefore, bring along plastic bags to carry some mess.

8. If your dog is anxious about staying in a place for the first time at your destination, he won’t eat or drink. This could bring him to dehydration, therefore make sure to give him enough at least.
You can add some gravy into the water. which will sometimes get him to lap it right up.

Air Trip

9. In case you are planning to take a plane with your dog, it is crucial to select an airline that serves the entire route from start to finish.
After you have find the company and before you buy your airline tickets, you will need to know their pet policies.

10. Also, the size of the dog matter. Especially when it comes to commercial airlines. therefore, when traveling with your dog, take that into account.

11. Make sure to know if the airline will allow your puppy to fly in the cabin with you. Know exactly the restrictions. Will your pet need to travel in the cargo hold?

12. One other option for airline pet travel is by private charter. Although this could be much more expensive than commercial airlines.Your dog will fly in the cabin with you and in luxury, regardless of size.

The first traveling with your dog might be the toughest. With time your dog will get used to and will surely enjoy traveling with you.