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6 Best Tips on How to get Cheap Flights

How to get cheap flights is the question most of us have in mind when planning for a trip.

Cheap flights are not a Myth. Believe it or not there is a room for every price. In some cases even almost free stuff are possible. They are real but need a bit of effort from you in searching.  Reason why we bring you this guide.

How to get Cheap Flights : The Power Of Planning

Everyone planning a vacation or a business trip need to make sure the flight booking is perfect. This is one of the very important steps as it takes a big part of our budget.

In the same way it is useful to know how and where to find a cheap hotel accommodation, thinking on how to get cheap flights should also represent a major step in the preparation of a successful vacation or business travel.

Many believe that cheap is somehow not good. That depends but one thing we should keep in mind is that airline companies cannot fly half empty therefor they make it possible through some mechanisms for people to buy cheap tickets.
We went digging to find you these tips to help you find the flight that suits your budget and that you will love and enjoy.

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Depending on the time of the year, whether it holidays, normal days, cold or warm season, airfares are set to be different. This works the same when it comes to days of the week.

Prices will be different between weekdays and weekends. Night and day flights will not be the same as well. Therefore finding cheap flights will need you to put some efforts.

So, how to get cheap flights based on the time you travel?

Having in mind the very good time for you to fly you have option to choose which ticket is best for that moment. Holiday seasons are most of the time much expensive since planes are often full. With their business running as they want, there are no incentives for companies to lower prices.

Weekdays as well tend to be cheaper then weekend. Most people travel during weekend and this could make that time even worse with high prices in airline tickets.

If you plan to travel and want a cheaper flight, try not to do it when a big number of people is looking for one. You could save hundreds by buying your ticket early (but not too early) few weeks before your known date (4 to 7 weeks from my experience for international flights).


Once you know your destination it is easier to know how to split it. This may save you more compare to when you take direct flight. You can go on by planning your own split or rely on many companies out there.

Travel search engines are now in numbers and make it easier to find cheap flights and decide whether to split or fly direct. Lotza Travel is one of them and its connect you to hundreds travel companies with a few clicks. The interface is easy to use and there is a possibility to change language.

How to launch a flights search with Lotza Travel:

From the Home Screen or going to Flight deals menu

Home Screen: Use the search box to specify Origin, destination, dates and number of people traveling.

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From Flight Deals menu:

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Joining a mailing list allow you to stay connected to travel companies and travel search engines. People are often concerned about spam emails, receiving emails in a huge number but this method of staying in touch with companies and search engines could be of great benefit.

Time to time travel companies release offers for cheap flights and send to all subscribed members. The same way, search engines are 24/7 connected to those travel companies. This makes it easy for them to send mails to all members. Therefor it will be almost impossible for you not to know when exactly a sale will start or special deals will end.

How to sign Up with Easy…!!

From the Home Screen, scroll down. Fill the subscription form with all details and click on subscribe.
Go to your email and confirm your subscription and you are good to GO!

Often after subscribing you will qualify for a FREE GIFT from the search engine( and stay on alert for any special or event.



From my own experience, switching currencies can be of great value and save you some money. If the currency of where you are is a strong one, try to do your search in a weaker currency. You might save yourself from paying high price.


Some airline companies have a range of ready made deals that search engines offer on their websites. This is also a straight way to find cheap flights, sales offer in line with specific dates.

How to find ready made deals?

Go to Deals menu and see special offers. There you will be redirect to more offers and choose your date.

Sometime with ready made, you will not find the exact date you are planning to travel. In that case it is up to you to be more flexible and arrange a date falling within the special. That way you can enjoy cheaper prices and save more.
Also, deals are not usually for a long period. Reason why staying connected through newsletters is one of many ways to be informed on time.


People around you have been traveling all the time. Going for some advice will give you an idea on where to go and how to arrange your travel. Know who to ask and know that those are just advices. Your own decision will be first to be considered.



Finding cheap flights can sound hectic but with the help of search engines and following these powerful tips, surely you will make your trip a memorable one. Companies are there to make benefit but cannot always fill up their planes. That way there will be always a room for more special deals. There is no magic on how to get cheap flights, but just be smart.

As I said earlier, do not wait too long or pay your ticket too late. Plane tickets are everyday going up and coming down. Early booking is a good practice but not too early. The length of time I gave is according to my personal experience as a traveller
These tips are your gateway to a very large range of cheap flight deals, cheap tickets and many more in the travel industry.
Once more, Cheap airline tickets are real! Grab it and enjoy your trip.

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